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With our full recruiting services, you stay focused on running your business while we do the legwork and heavy lifting behind the scenes. You interview only qualified top candidates and make your hiring decision. 

We do the time-consuming grunt work of tracking down experienced insurance candidates within a reasonable commute of your office. Then we screen, interview, check references, verify data, and read between the lines of what’s not on the resume to deliver the best candidates for your position.

You are never bombarded with inexperienced or unqualified candidates.

Interview Risk-Free
We work on contingency so you pay a fee only if you decide to hire one of the candidates submitted to you. You risk nothing but the time it takes to interview.

Guarantee for up to one full year
After you make your hiring decision, we guarantee it for up to one full year. It's rarely needed because we work very hard to dot all the i's and cross all the t's, but it's still reassuring to know you have a safety net of protection in case it's ever needed.

Feel free to request a no-cost database search for candidates to fill your current or upcoming position. Or for more information, email  or call us today at 800-553-4473.

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